In the past F8 Examiners’ have stressed much on the requirement verbs used in the question paper. Examiners’ assessed that candidate do not follow the requirement verbs most often and they failed to apprehend the importance of the requirement verb together with the marks allocated for each requirement in the quesiton. They also advised the candidates to link the requirement verbs with the mark allocated to the requirement and to understand the true meanings of the requirement verb. For example examiner said that when the candidate asked to “List” they wrote much in response whereas when they asked to “Explain” they wrote too little to get full marks allocated to the requirement.

I believe that students need to understand the real meanings of the REQUIREMENT VERBS and have tried to compile the definition of some of the common requirement verbs used in F8 exams. The list compiled can be downloaded by clicking the below link:

Click here to download the “Definition of Requirement Verbs” used most often.