The aim of this article is to guide students for studying effectively back home. Experience has revealed that private studies is always have a major contribution in passing the exams beside other inputs such as taking lectures regularly etc. Here are some tips for CAF09/F8/P7 students who will be sitting forthcoming Exams.

  • Calculate your total available free time; 
  • Allocate best available time for studies out of your free time;
  • Make a time table of daily studies for CAF09/F8/P7;
  • Utilise your stipulated time as much as possible avoiding time wasters;
  • Have a check on your time table and commit yourself to the strict plan;
  • Be flexible to alter your time table to make studies effective;
  • Monitor compliance of time table to be aware of your consistency;
  • Avoid Time wasters during study time e.g. mobile calls/sms etc.;
  • If you can’t concentrate on studies then take a short break;
  • Make use of lecture notes taken in the class for your private studies;
  • Recall lecture and figure out your understanding of the topic;
  • Make use of past papers to understand examiner’s expectations.


Views expressed by

Abdus Salam Jan – FCA, FPFA


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